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Maternity Ref​lexology

 An effective complementary therapy to receive during pregnancy and aims to relax, de-stress and improve sleep and is also adapted to treat different symptoms expectant mums are experiencing during the course of their pregnancy.  

Suitable from the second trimester through to post birth, each treatment is planned for the individual's needs and any issues that may arise as the pregnancy progresses.  The aim is to optimise and balance the physical and emotional health of the expectant mum.  A full health history is taken initially to ensure safety and appropriateness to treat.  A wonderfully relaxing treatment allowing time to completeley unwind away from the pressures of everyday life.  


​There are certain conditions that make reflexology during pregnancy unsuitable and these are:

deep vein thrombosis


a history of pre term labour (before 37 weeks)

placenta previa



placenta abruption

Treatments carried out in the comfort of your home or my home treatment room in Hassocks

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