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A relaxing treatment for the feet, using reflexology wax and aromatherapy oil of your choice.  It involves massage and pressure to points called ‘reflexes’. It is suitable for most people because it is non-invasive and can be carried out almost anywhere and is also adapted to suit a client’s needs and preferences. Reflexology can be particularly beneficial for those suffering from stress or tension, sleeping problems and is also suitable for expectant and overdue mothers as well as for the elderly.

A treatment can be carried out with the client either lying on a massage couch, seated in a reclining chair or with feet resting on a footstool. The client always remains fully clothed and simply needs to remove shoes and socks to allow access to the feet and lower calves. It is a totally relaxing experience, offering the opportunity to completely unwind and take time out from the everyday stresses and strains of modern life.

What are the main benefits of reflexology?

improved sleep

reduced stress and tension

improved mood and feeling of calmness

lowered blood pressure

aids circulation

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